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Offshore Wind & The Moray Firth

Caithness Renewables maintains up to date data on offshore wind developments in the UK, with details of procurement routes, tender progress and supply chain initiatives.

Offshore wind has been heralded as a great opportunity for Scotland to capitalise on new jobs, secure export markets and sell our skills. Seabed leasing rounds from The Crown Estate have seen developers secure options to develop substantial offshore wind schemes far out at sea in the relative calm of the Moray Firth. East coast harbours such as Wick are ideally placed to service these schemes, both during construction and the operational phase, with the Global Energy takeover of Nigg a significant step forward for the north of Scotland.

Such is the scale of development that Scrabster harbour, on the north coast, is also likely to be involved. There is the potential for the use of Caithness based facilities, on a par with the Subsea 7 Wester site just north of Wick, notably during the construction phase when large structures, such as turbines and jackets, will need to be assembled on land within a short sail of the wind sites.

Engineering skills are readily available in Caithness, with a community keen to transition its workforce into this exciting industry.

Caithness Renewables is involved in supply chain activity in offshore wind and across renewables generally. We use our knowledge of the supply chain and developers to support market research, lead generation and other supportive activity.

We are supportive of Moray Offshore Renewables Ltd and Beatrice Offshore Wind Ltd.

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