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The Hidden War

Forget global warming, chewing gum on our pavements and pirates off the Horn of Africa, it will be little bits of plastic that do for us in the end.

The stick that supports a cotton bud, the bit that holds an interdental brush, coffee stirrers- so called single use plastics.

Then there's micro plastics - in our shampoos by all accounts. Who even knew!

The simple scenario is that these plastics (and any others lying around) get washed out of landfill eventually or down our drains, and into our oceans to be swallowed by fish. Evidence has been found of these plastics passing through to flesh in fish and hence into the food chain to be consumed by humans. The excellent documentary 'Plastic Tide' thought that the health impact would be seen in my children's children.

So I'm still fighting to combat global warming but the hidden war is against little bits of plastic. So please join me in boycotting toiletries with micro plastics (frighten yourself by looking at which companies do this crazy thing), spurn single use plastics
( I checked this morning and there's some good news on cotton buds
https://www.google.co.uk/amp/www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4221558/amp/No-plastic-Johnson-Johnson-cotton-buds.html ), ask for a teaspoon which is reusable.

Fight the hidden war on plastic!




Living and working sustainability is very important to Caithness Renewables. We weave sustainable practices into every aspect of our work. We promote:


· Renewable energy,

· Energy saving,

· Waste reduction,

· Recycling,

· Training our young people,

· Combatting fuel poverty,

· Decarbonisation,

· Obtaining funding for community groups,

· Electric Vehicles,

· On-site renewable energy generation,

· Biomass and Anaerobic Digestion,

· Use of public transport rather than car travel.


We also carry out significant support work which could pave the way for other Caithness residents and businesses to put sustainability at the heart of their working day, just like we do here.

At Caithness Renewables we are proud to say that our office is furnished with virtually new furniture which was otherwise destined for landfill.


Working with local groups, including reuse and recycle charity HomeAid (now New Start Highland), we were able to find furniture which suits our recently refurbished building, resulting in a saving over £10,000 when setting up the office. This aspect is important to our hot desk clients who are looking to move into the North Highland market in a sustainable way.


We would like to see other Scottish businesses become more resource efficient, preventing perfectly serviceable furniture from ending up in landfill and also minimising ‘furniture miles’ incurred when transporting new furniture, typically from elsewhere in the UK and also from further afield.


One of our core business activities is to assist local authorities, harbours, social housing providers and businesses by giving energy advice; our specialisms include renewable energy systems, access to funding and promoting energy saving cultures. The aim is to help north Highland households and businesses improve their sustainability and reduce their fuel bills and contribute to meeting Scotland’s Climate Change targets. We are seeking to work extensively towards a Sustainable Scotland.


We carry out work for community groups pro bono that fit with our ethos so please contact us if you need help with project visualisation and funding applications


Scottish Circular Economy Business Network

On Thursday 16th February, local consultancy director, Louise Smith of
Caithness Renewables Ltd attended the inaugural meeting of the Scottish
Circular Economy Business Network, at the Edinburgh Centre for Carbon
Innovation. The business network is formed from companies that are
proponents of the Circular Economy which is all about keeping products in
circulation, rather than them becoming waste and ending up in landfill.

Membership of the network is by invite only with members working together
collaboratively, seen as an essential part of the ethos. In Scotland we have
a Circular Economy Strategy, launched last year, which sets out a clear
vision which not only brings environmental benefits but is also estimated as
being a £1.5 billion opportunity likely to create 5,500 jobs.

The drive to a more sustainable way of life will be business led. In January
Scotland was awarded a gong at the World Economic Forum meeting in Davos,
highlighting Scotland as a leading Circular Economy nation.

Rather than thinking of waste, those leading the sustainability drive see
traditional waste items as a 'byproduct' and something of value.

Reverse logistics or the return of waste/ byproduct to source is becoming
more important with manufacturers expected to follow their products through
their full life cycle.

Moray solar firm AES Solar told attendees about how they persuaded their
timber packing supplier to use untreated wood, subsequently meaning that the
timber was used to make coffins. This meant that it had value past the end
of its originally useful life.

So things that we used to throw away have a monetary value and could bring
additional employment opportunities.





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