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Fairhurst are one of the largest engineering consultancy Partnerships in the UK and have been providing high quality services to our clients for over 100 years. Over time the business has evolved from a civil and structural design practice to a modern client-focused multidisciplinary consultancy which includes geo-environmental, traffic and transportation, rail and planning. Fairhurst operates from a network of 17 offices covering the whole of the UK, with the office at 10 Sinclair Street, Thurso, being the most northerly. The Thurso office is managed by Andrew Mennie.



Westswell Ltd

Dylan Fogarty-MacDonald took up residence in Caithness with his partner Bel at the end of November 2015. He is keen to continue with lifestyle choices that take him away from his home in Australia. His work for an Australian insurance business is in computer programming which can easily be carried out in a hot desk environment



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